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Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Doing Virtuous Business

Citing numerous examples, Malloch weaves for the reader a tapestry of the great effect of spiritual enterprise, but leaves them with an uncertain proposition. While clearly stating that faith is the natural underpinning for the virtues necessary to thrive in a free economy, the author’s assertions are somewhat one-dimensional.

Blessed to Be a Blessing


Recently I’ve learned that, when God teaches us things, he doesn’t intend for us to hoard those lessons. Generally, I try to blog about the lessons I have been learning or share them with friends, but I never expected to speak on a Sunday morning at my church. My pastor Gary approached me a few weeks ago and asked me to do just that.

Cross-Continental Coincidence


This may be a bit long, but my brain is flying right now, and I have to type it up. I simply wish to share, quite informally, about a recent coincidence in my reading habits that has lead me to a really powerful truth about myself, and the God who loves my heart against all odds.

5 Impressions, One Suggestion from Love Wins


I just finished up reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. I’ll be honest, my feelings about the book seemed to go back and forth throughout my time reading it. To say I came to the book with no preconceptions wouldn’t be true, because I don’t think you can come to a book that has received so much controversial publicity without having some reservations. That being said… I came at it with as open a mind as I possibly could.

Paper Thoughts: One Year and Counting


Yesterday was a milestone for Mel and I. We celebrated one year together, with good friends, in a beautiful place. Matt and Noel Powell made the treacherous journey across the pond and helped make our first anniversary incredibly special. We spent the day in Bath, which is an ancient town in southwest England that was founded by the Romans.

Coming Soon

Bullfight in Spain!

It has literally been months since I’ve taken time to scribble down some thoughts and post them through this blog. Believe it or not, there are reasons.

10 apps for international survival!

iPhone apps

  So it has been well over a month since I put anything on this blog. Trust me, there are reasons. The past month has been absolutely packed. One reason it has been tremendously time-constricted is that we have been in contact with home a lot. From simple reasons like March Madness, to complex issues [...]

Freedom To…


There are 17 different definitions for “freedom” on, ranging from philosophical thought to specific literary concepts. In our home country it is a luxury, and in many other places around the world it is more often mentioned for its absence.

Risky Business


I’ve been reading a book by another of my favorite authors, Erwin McManus. Chasing Daylight is a fantastic read, and McManus seems to be able to nail down some of the ideas I have been thinking about for a while.

Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller


I have had some exposure to Donald Miller, having read two of his books, followed his blog and even heard him speak. If there is one thing he is known for, it is honesty. In Searching for God Knows What, Miller has produced a manifesto that examines the details of Christian spirituality in no uncertain terms.

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